From 1994 she lives in Granada. She studied under Marquilla and SHIKAWA Dancer


From 1994 she lives in Granada. She studied under Marquilla and used to go on tour abroad as a member of several famous flamenco dance companies. 

She performs at Peña Platería in Granada, Casa Patas y several theaters in Madrid.

Her way of life in Granada was introduced on Spanish TVs.


She started learning Flamenco when she was 5 years old and made her professional debut at 10 years of age.

She studied under Marichu, Mariquilla and Mario Maya. 

She performs for several international festival and Bienal Flamenco at Sevilla, one of the most important flamenco festivals.

She was selected a principal dancer of the important reception for distinguished guests from 
foreign countries. 



He started learning flamenco when he was 8 years old and obtained a diploma at National dance art college in Barcelona.

He participated in the dance company of Cristina Oyos during the Olympic Games in Barcelona. 

After that he invited as a principle dancer by several famous dance companies and he was very well received from all over the world.

Also, he performed several times with Antonio Canales.

Manuel Heredia    Singer (Cante)

He is Roman. He is one of the traditional flamenco roman family in Granada.  He is soloist but he also extremely popular sings for flamenco dance. His cante of real traditional Flamenco is incredibly unique and valuable Flamenco artist.
Feel his soulful "cante".  

Marcos Palometas  Guitar

He started learning the guitar when he is 10 years old.  He plays as soloist, also he composes and plays as an accompanist of Flamenco.

His sound is noticeably clear, delicate, and deeply passionate. When he was 16 years old, he was selected for some celebrity flamenco dancer's company, such as Patricia Guerrero, Mario Maya etc. 


He met Butod in 1979 and started it.
Next year, he joined in Butoh company "Dance Love Machine".
From 1983, he started playing as soloist and he was invited from New York, Parice, Madrid etc.
He also choreographs Kabuki, Kyogen, Nihon Butod, and so on.



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