25 years ago, a Japanese girl went to Spain

               because of being love with Antonio Gades

Ayako Ishikawa started learning Flamenco because she was extremely impressed when she watched the show of Antonio Gades in Japan. About 25 years ago, she went to Andalucia alone just thinking of Antonio Gades without thinking about the consequences. 
Flamenco, a traditional performing art of the Roma who still values old-fashioned customs. She is about to give up because people around said a Japanese girl never could dance as professional at home.  But she overcame any difficulties with her love for Flamenco. 
And finally, she met her comrades in Granada who seek their own Flamenco respecting great artists of yesteryear, and made up her group "THE FLAMENCO" Also Masamichi Shibasaki, Butoh artist who loves Flameenco joined and became a very unique artists' group. 
In 2019, Ayako started her project "The Flamenco Caravan" to travel around to seek the traditional art of each land like a bard.  Their first destination is Japan, Ayako's hometown.
Through the power of Flamenco cante, baile and guitarra, you can feel nostalgia, passion, melancholies, love and sadness and your emotions will be released!
Fell the performance of THE FLAMENCO!!!




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